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Hip hop groups are groups of musicians who perform hip hop music, a genre of popular music that originated in the 1970s and is characterized by its use of rapping and DJing, as well as its incorporation of various elements of hip hop culture, like breakdancing and graffiti art. Hip hop groups may be composed of professional musicians or amateur musicians, and may range in size from a small group to a full band. They often perform at concerts, festivals, and other events, and are known for their energetic and lively performances. Hip hop groups may perform a mix of popular hip hop hits, as well as original compositions, and may incorporate elements of other music styles, like rap and R&B, into their music. Hip hop groups are known for their energetic and upbeat sound and can help create a festive atmosphere at your event.

Many hip hop groups are willing to learn specific songs or incorporate certain themes into their performances to suit your preferences. This can help make your event more personalized and memorable.

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