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Country and folk bands are groups of musicians who perform country and folk music, genres of music that originated in the United States and often have roots in traditional folk music. Country and folk bands typically perform a mix of popular country and folk songs, as well as original compositions. They may be composed of professional musicians or amateur musicians, and may range in size from a small group to a full band. Country and folk bands often perform at concerts, festivals, and other events, and are known for their energetic and lively performances. Country and folk music often incorporates elements of blues, rock, and other genres, and may feature lyrics that tell stories or explore themes of love, heartbreak, and everyday life.

Many country and folk bands are willing to learn specific songs or incorporate certain themes into their performances to suit your preferences. This can help make your event more personalized and memorable.

5 piece Country Band w/Steel Guitar
Uptempo Classic/90's/Current Country Music as well as several radio played originals from a 20+year veteran Entertainer. Who's played everything from backyard BBQ's to the Big Valley Jamboree Stage...
Country, Southern Rock and a Dash of Mystery
🎵 Introducing Black River Remedy: Your Ultimate Musical Experience 🎵 Are you searching for a musical act that can elevate your event to an unforgettable level of excitement and entertainment? Look...

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