Top shelf cover band......we do what most others don't.


Pepper Jones and the Rockits is a group that brings a fresh, energetic and fun show playing  rock, pop, funk and disco.  This cover band will keep the dance floor full with all your favourites, including some you'd forgotten.

Pepper Jones is not a person but a spicy persona that every band member takes on.  Book this band to fill your bar or amp up the energy at corporate events and public festivals.

Jude Coyle, Lead Vocals and percussion:

Jude's stage presence is only matched by her spot on vocals.  She is a force that must be seen and heard.  Jude's style is reminiscent of such powerhouse vocalists as: Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge and Freddie Mercury.  Let her draw you in with her captivating voice and charismatic personality.

Sandra McMillan, Backing and lead  vocals and percussion:

Sandra delivers flawless vocal harmonies. Don't let her fool you.  This woman can wail on leads too!  Sandra kicks it up a notch on congas, tambourine and shaker.  Influenced by all genres, she manages to channel the likes of Bon Scott, Robert Plant, Merry Clayton and Clare Torry.

Ken Kobe, Lead guitar and vocals:

Ken is a fiery guitarist, skilled at playing everything  from pop and disco to hard rock and funk. Drawing inspiration from his favourite players like Edward Van Halen, Jimmy Page and Slash, Ken plays with style while remaining faithful to the spirit of song. Ken's solos will have you believing you're listening to the original - we don't*****him Every-Note-Kobe for nothing!

Jamie Lloyd, Bass guitar: 

Jamie plays all types of music from Motown to metal and lets his bass do the talking. He taps into the styles of the likes of Larry Graham, James Jamerson and Geezer Butler. Jamie lays down an undeniable groove that tells you this man has soul.

Joe Bettencourt, keyboard and vocals: 

Joe is a multifaceted musician and can play a wide variety of styles and genres.  He loves to improvise and embellish to create a big sound for the band. Joe's influences include the amazing Jon Lord of Deep Purple fame and the incomparable jazz organist Jimmy Smith.  Joe's solos appear effortless and will leave you wanting more.

Tom McMillan, Drums and vocals: 

Tom has drummed professionally for the past 30 years.  He maintains his youthful enthusiasm, now seasoned with experience and skill.  He is influenced heavily by drummers like Mitch Mitchell, Jeff Porcuro and Steve Gadd.  Tom has developed an adaptable style that works well for this versatile band.  With driving beats,  funky grooves and bouncy shuffles, Tom will set your toes to tapping or get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

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Pepper Jones and the Rockits is a cover band that brings a fresh, energetic, and fun show playing  rock, pop, funk, and disco. This cover band will keep the dance floor full with all your...

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