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Gone are the days of scouring the web to find good event opportunities. On Arrive, you can connect with event planners and venue owners from around the world! By using Gig Packages on Arrive, you have a unique opportunity to set your own booking rates and present all of your services under one roof.

But Arrive also offers more than just gigs! It’s a platform that intends to create lasting relationships within the entertainment industry. Now you can engage with performers, venues and bookers, all in one place. Plus, share tips & advice, collaborate on projects and be inspired by new connections from anywhere in the world. With Arrive, possibilities are endless!

Don’t miss out on your next dream audition – Arrive has a mobile app that will make sure you hear about the hiring opportunity as soon as it occures. Stay in the know with notifications instantaneously sent to both iOS and Android devices. No more refreshing web pages or scrambling at the last minute; stay in constant communication with clients who may be searching for perfomers for their next event. Expand your opportunities, fulfill your passions, and utilize Arrive to gain access to Performance Hiring on the go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, first of all, Arrive is free! No subscriptions or fees are required for connecting performers with live gigs. Plus, we only profit when you do. That means you can use our platform to start making money without having to invest anything at the outset.

Arrive also comes with an accessible mobile app where you can get notifications when prospective clients are searching for talent for their event. This keeps you remotely updated on any opportunities that may come around, so you never miss out on a job opportunity while you’re away!

Are you a performer trying to find your success in the world? Arrive is here to help. We’ve designed our platform with style and creativity in mind, as a place where musicians, bands, DJs, public speakers, dancers, and other performers can come together searching for paid gigs.

For those ready to take it to the stage, Arrive is the way forward. Here you can get noticed, build your fan base and make money doing what you love – so turn up the volume. Let’s focus on creating captivating experiences together – dare to make a move.

We want Arrive to provide an opportunity for performers around the world of all kinds to push their talent – and start making strides towards winning big on your own terms. So come aboard for your chance at fame and we’ll throw open the curtains!

No payment required! Signing up with us doesn’t cost a thing. We provide a free service for all performers. We don’t want you feeling like you have something to lose in subscription fees without any guaranteed gigs.

Plus, the service fee we charge is minimal. As you take on more bookings and get glowing reviews from your clients, the Arrive Intelligent System will automatically recognize it and reward you with extra perks like lower fees and greater visibility on our platform. It’s just another way that Arrive shows its appreciation for amazing performers like you!

Woohoo – you’ve just received booking request! But what happens now? Once the client has made their selection in our directory and have seen all your great reviews, they will send you a booking request to confirm they want to book your services. As soon as you get an email notifying you of the request, remember to check your Bookings dashboard right away. You need to make your decision quickly—click “Accept,” and the clients will know that you’re up for the job. If you don’t respond on time, there’s a chance another performer might be chosen over you. So don’t delay, and decide right away!

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Ready for Stage?

Get matched with your perfect event in minutes

  • Easily find live or virtual gig opportunities
  • Instant notifications for gig requests
  • Expand your fanbase globally
  • Elevate your status as a top performer
  • No subscription or hidden fees
  • And much more – All for FREE!

Visualize your bookings like never before! 

Arrive offers more than just booking management – it streamlines the entire back-end of your performance business by handling schedules, managing communication and contacts, and much more.

Booking Calendar

With Arrive Booking Calendar, you can maximize the potential of your performance schedule while accommodating your availability. Users can quickly see when they may book your gigs, whether they are live or virtual performances. Indicate the days and times when you are available for bookings.

Interactive Dashboard

Take charge of your business with our Interactive dashboard. From organizing gigs to monitoring orders, comprising service detail pages as well as revenues, and tracking transactions and withdrawals; you will have access to a wealth of insights right at your fingertips.

Locations & Google Maps

Set set a location of your service area, and choose to display Google map on the gig/service page. Clients can filter gigs and services based on the location of their choice.

On Site Notifications

A build in comprehensive notification system for all of the user actions. Never miss out on any gig, client requests and booking activities.

On-Site Chat Box

Direct communication with clients about your gig detail through our secure messaging system. Featuring the file uploader, custom offers, filter for email’s and URL’s, as well as the message notifications.

Safe Payments System

All transactions are conducted on the Arrive platform and ensure the security of your personal details.

Custom Offers

Send custom offers directly from the message conversation (provided that you have at least one service offer published/active). Offers can have an expiration date set, and can also be retracted by you at any time. Clinets can accept (or deny) custom offer and pay for the service immediately. 


Attract new consumers by creating your own discount coupons. Select the start and end dates for the promotion as well as whether each coupon can be used more than once by the same consumer.

Vacation Mode

Activate “vacation mode”, and pause your published gigs/services with three possible away messages/statuses: “on vacation”, “overbooked”, and “be back soon”. Conveniently set an end date from the calendar, and the system will automatically put all your gigs in active mode.   

Support System

Our fully integrated support center offers speedy and efficient assistance to both performers and clients. This tool plays a vital role in resolving issues rapidly and achieving timely progress. Get the support you need, when you need it, to ensure your success.

Others vs Arrive

Monthly subscriptions model.Arrive’s service is completely free of charge. We’re committed to revenue distribution, so when you get paid, we get paid.
Lack of transparency, too many middle-men take share of performers revenues.By doing away with multiple middlemen, the Arrival platform simplifies the process and puts you in full control.
Members can only post 1 service.The Arrive platform empowers all members to post multi-gig packages while also offering opportunities to upsell related services. With Arrive, you can showcase your talents and broaden your reach like never before.
Exorbitant fees and commissions charges.Arrive’s pricing and revenue sharing models are highly equitable, making it a more fair platform for performers. As they maintain their ratings, performers can ascend to elevated statuses with added benefits and reduced service fees. This encourages them to provide top-quality performances and contributes to a better experience for users.
Poor marketing tools.Arrive offers all members advanced marketing automation tools and robust client relationship management capabilities. With professional-grade features, you can confidently streamline your marketing and communication processes with ease.
Listing that hardly produce results. Arrive’s marketing team is promoting their website as an exciting new resource for booking musicians and entertainers for both venues and the general public. With new job opportunities added daily, finding the perfect artist for any event across North America has never been easier.
One way listings.As an Arrive user, you can be both a seller and a client, which provides a powerful tool to connect and collaborate with the Arrive community. With this tool, you can create events, add acts to your groups and more.
Mobile app. With Arrive’s mobile app, you can effortlessly connect with clients looking to hire performers for their events and enjoy sought-after job opportunities on-the-go. Stay engaged and ahead of others in the business with real-time notifications.

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